hi 2016


I had not updated the news section for SEVEN WHOLE YEARS. So there is a lot to report:


THE DARLING AND MONSTER SPIRAL'S 'heart aches" part, is coming along nicely and might be done by midyear 2017.

 SCREEN MEMORIES,  a psychoanalytically informed MEMOIR of my German American Youth, from birth until the early 20s, was completed Fall 2015.

It has been fascinating work this investigation of the workings of my memory and the tracing of the effect of traumas, and there is whelming after birth from the welling memories, details keep sprouting up and once I have a publisher I will go over the entire m.s. once more and accomodate the details.

Quite a few parts of the prose poem volume STEEPED IN SEATTLE have been published


As well as a hunk from WRITE SOME NUMB'S BITCH


Work on the HANDKE PROJECT ctd. at all parts of

Scott Abbott & I will conduct an on-line discussion of Handke's MORAVIAN NIGHT which is finally in galleys & will be officially publishe in English in December 2016.


With Scott Abbott I translated this year Handke's "THE BEAUTIFUL DAYS OF ARANJUEZ"

Handke's THE BEAUTIFUL DAYS OF ARANJUEZ  premiere in Chicago in June of 2015.​


​WIM WENDER'S​ version of ARANJUEZ is in running for the GOLDEN PALM at the Venice Film Festival this year!